Tagging Gun Kit - Saip Micro Tag

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  • Tagging Gun - Saip Micro Tag
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  • Easy to use
  • Goodbye to pins glue and large tacks
  • Ideal for quilting, quick repairs on set or off and more
  • Hand held attaching
  • Easily sewn over
  • Works great on fine fabrics
  • Ideal for quick clothing repairs
  • Super durable metal
  • Small, extra-fine needle is gentle on fabric
  • Applies a micro plastic fastener
  • The smallest tack and smallest needle available
  • Simple change tiny fastener with a quick pull or snap


  • Avery Dennison Micro Stitch
  • 5.4mm fastener


  • Micro tagging gun
  • Micro needles x5
  • A pack of micro fasteners (10,000 black or white)